NEW Art, NEW Show, NEW Directions...

SO. I know I dropped off the face of the planet for a little while after the Kickstarter was launched. Turns out that sometimes when you leap, the net actually will appear.

The trick is seeing it when it's not the shape you expected. =P

Kickstarter for "They Were Here" (my "leap") was not successful, which was disappointing. Though I did receive a few humbling and deeply appreciated supportive comments and contributions.

"The net" was being approached at the beginning of February by Zhana Levitsky of Zeitgeist Gallery in Beverly, MA. She came across this site and fell in love with my tapestries, and after meeting with her I committed to producing at least 2 more pieces for a group show this summer.

I am stupidly, crazily, ambitious sometimes.

So that's where I've been for the past 4+ months - hunkered over cloth, needle and thread and stitching space magic for fun and (hopefully) profit. I have created two new tapestries I am incredibly proud of, learned a lot about myself and my process, and am excited to keep creating in a way I haven't been before.

And now that the show opening has happened, and the pieces have premiered, I can unveil them here on Geeky Pretty Things! I introduce to you, without further ado:

M82, which is special to me because it was inspired by an astrophysicist who helped create the source image.

Merope. I am seriously proud of this piece because, well, it's awesome. And the process of creating it led me to some really crucial creative insights (mostly technique and process related, but it's all important).

And for anyone who wants to see them in person, they are on display until July 27th at the Zeitgeist Gallery, at 222 Cabot Ave, Beverly, MA. Call ahead to ensure access - the gallery hours are a bit sporadic in summer and "viewings by appointment" are encouraged.

I also share the walls with some other phenomenal artists. The exhibit info can be found here: