I’m generally ruled by curiosity; looking most often to science, politics, and psychology for inspiration-sometimes rage-fueled, other times simply beauty-driven.

As a visual artist I am largely self-taught, despite lifelong artistic leanings. My BA in Technical Theatre and Design offered little training in fine art and left strong sense of experiential design, while my minor in Art History gave me a firm foundation and appreciation for all of the spaces in which art dwells. I have additional formal schooling in a wide variety of subjects and areas – mental health counseling, psychology, analytics, public policy, and applied humanities research to name a few of the many topics that fascinate me. I am certain many more years of informal and formal training are ahead of me.

I came to purposefully nurture my visual art about 3 years ago with the inspiration to create tapestries out of NASA photographs. I am lucky that I tend to think in color and pattern, with an eye for light, color, and order. The tapestries have been a steady thread through all of my endeavors though I also paint, sculpt, create multi-media installations and generally explore anything I can.

My subject, materials, and methods will change depending on what I'm looking. Generally, I’m mostly interested in creating data-driven art, using any media or technique necessary to make the point or make it pretty.


One last note: in case you're curious. My last name is pronounced "eye-den-wild".