KICKSTARTER LAUNCHED!! They Were Here: A State-by-State Memorial

Sorry for yelling, guys. This is just really really *really* exciting. I spent weeks tweaking the perks and the campaign and trying to figure out how to sell this project so that people will buy into it. Because it's important.

I mean, I really do believe in the power of this art to move people, and to be one (humble) way of honoring our fallen soldiers who have died in the last ten-plus years of the Global War on Terror.

(I have other ideas and other ways to draw attention to the other costs and casualties of the war, but this one is this one and it's all I can do at the moment...)

It's really exciting to have this opportunity - but holy crap is this scary, too!! I've got 27 days left to raise $85k and I'm really nervous about it.

Here's the link to the whole project - including budget, timeline, vision, etc.

Pledge if you can - and remember, it's all or nothing, so tell anyone else you think might be interested in helping shepherd this art into the world. Link! Like! Reddit/tweet/pin/+ the hell out of it!

And thank you. Sincerely.