Painting to be Exhibited March 17-29

"Before\After: Experience, Perception, Context" was created for the "21 Days of Questions/365 Days of Action" events of 2013, a series of domestic violence awareness events across Boston and Cambridge, organized and curated by Hope Riccardi and Violence Transformed.

I am extremely excited to be included in this exhibit, and incredibly proud of the artwork itself. An exploration of the effects and experience of violence (and trauma), I have never had a piece be so insistent on its own creation. So far, it resonates with each viewer in a slightly different way, which pleases me. What will it say to you?

The exhibit will hang from March 17 through March 29 at the Cambridge College gallery located at 1000 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge.

Artist's reception and performance art will be from 4-8 pm on Saturday, March 23, 2013

More information about the exhibit and Violence Transformed can be found on the organization's website, here: