Crash Course in Crowdfunding

So... yeah.  I'm still really excited about They Were Here and the prospect of being able to work on it, exclusively and securely, for the next 10 months. I also still think crowdfunding is the way to go on this one.

Yet after a very difficult Friday of learning exactly how many different ways exist for me to fail (like the fact I don't have a Facebook page, I'm not active on Twitter, etc. etc.) I realized I really DO need to tweak my campaign's reward levels, stretch goals, and even the structure of work in general in order to make it possible to do at least *something* - the all-or-nothing funding model makes it hard for an "unknown" like me to hit the sweet spot of asking for too much that I fall short of the goal vs. not enough to really get the project done.

It just seems to be a little more complicated than I first thought it to be. I'd rather wait a little bit longer and implement the tweaks (and I've been brainstorming some great rewards, I think) and launch something people find worth supporting.

I was reminded several times of the awesome XKCD comic found here:

Not whingeing here, mind you. Just working within a reality that's making me delay the launch for a few more days until I'm sure it's got the best chance of success that *I* can give it.